What happened to the gender pay gap discount?

Since day one, Travel with Jane has been about levelling the playing field for women in Australia. In 2017 we launch world first gender pay gap discount.
In 2020, we’re taking the fight global. Stay tuned to learn how you can support the women who tackle the gender divide here and abroad. We've brought our gender pay gap to a close so that we challenge the gender gap in a new way. Through our Scrap the Gap campaign, we're supporting women who are kicking down the gender divide here, and abroad through the not-for-profit work they do. As of International Women's Day 2020 (9th March) we're donate 10% of sales to specific cause partners. 
Each time you buy a Travel with Jane policy, we give 10% to a not-for-profit working to close the gender gap. Help us bridge the divide in Australia and abroad. For more on our campaign, see here. 
Have you bought a Jane policy in the past with the gender pay gap discount?
As a thank you for backing our first gender equality campaign we want to extend the pay gap discount to our earliest supporters. We've sent out an email with a discount code that guarantees a 14% discount on all policies sales, until further notice. Didn't get your email?  
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