What does the Cruise Add-on cover?

If you intend to go on a river, sea or ocean cruise for two or more nights then you must purchase a Cruise add-on, otherwise you will not have cover under your policy. The Cruise Add-on covers onboard medical treatment, cruise delay, missed port, pre-paid shore excursion cancellation, missed cruise departure, baggage, cabin confinement, formal cruise attire and marine rescue diversion. 


Please note:

The Cruise Add-on must be purchased before you leave home for your cruise. This includes any flights or transportation required to get to your departing port.  

You must be under the age of 75 at the date your Certificate of Insurance is issued. The Cruise Add-on covers:

  • Unlimited on board medical treatment and helicopter evacuation for emergency medical assistance
  • $2,000 for cruise delay per policy
  • $1,000 for missed port per policy
  • $1,000 for pre-paid shore excursion per policy
  • $2,000 for missed cruise departure per policy
  • $3,000 for baggage lost or stolen before boarding per policy
  • $50 per day, $1,000 in total, for cabin confinement per policy
  • $500 for formal cruise attire lost, stolen or damaged, per policy
  • $750 for formal cruise attire delayed per policy
  • $500 for marine rescue diversion per policy

If you're spending more than 2 nights out at sea, and are accidental injured or need emergency medical attention whilst on board, your medical claims will not be covered unless you've added a Cruise Add-on to your cover. Similarly, your cruise attire and luggage is not covered while on board, without a Cruise Add-on.

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